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(NEW) Don't Mourn, Organize 5x7 print


5" x 7" black & white print with white border.

Print comes in a protective clear sleeve made from plant based polylactic acid and is certified compostable.

Printed on Mohawk Superfine Ultra White Eggshell Cover 120LB paper stock.
FSC certified, Green-e certified, Acid Free, made with wind power.

10% of sales from this print will be donated to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).


“Joe Hill, Murdered by the Capitalist Class” was printed on 600 envelopes and distributed to members of the IWW (the Industrial Workers of the World) back in 1916. Those envelopes were filled with the ashes of Joe Hill—a labor activist, songwriter, and one of the most famous IWW members that ever lived, who was executed by the state of Utah in 1915 after being framed for murder—as authorities found a convenient way to dispense with the beloved labor leader and suppress a growing worker movement during the industrial era.

Before his execution, Hill wrote a telegram to IWW leader Bill Haywood that read "Goodbye, Bill, I die like a true blue rebel. Don't waste any time mourning. Organize!" An abridged version of that statement, "Don't Mourn—Organize!" became a famous rallying cry for the labor movement; as a reminder that the movement is larger than any one person, and lives on as long as others are inspired to continue the struggle.